Imposter Syndrome is feeling your achievements are due to sheer luck, rather than your own talent or qualifications. This includes the unfound fear of being ‘exposed’ as a ‘fraud,’ experienced by politicians, students, etc. Psychologists have not yet found a definite cause and believe this thought pattern is based on social anxiety, including perfectionist-related anxiety.

Prepare to solve the problem by reframing your thoughts. Allah says in the Quran in Chapter 92 Verses 18 to 21 to not worry about humanity nor concern ourselves with what others may or may not believe about us, nor seek validation from anyone or anything other than our Creator.

Next, recognize that Allah is our Sustainer and Provider. In Chapter 9, Verse 51 of the Quran, Allah makes it clear that nothing happens except by His permission. Through reflection of these verses, realize that all of our accomplishments, intelligence, and work are from Allah. Therefore, there is no reason to feel undeserving or fearful that we do not earn our accolades. Allah has bestowed upon us our successes, which means they are real, authentic, and irrefutable.

At the end of the day, human beings seek validation and a sense of belonging from tangible sources. With this in mind, seek support and validation from those who you know have your best interests at heart and affirm that you are hardworking, valued, loved, blessed, and true.

If these feelings continue to persist, consider speaking with a guidance counsellor or online forum such as or