What’s the best way to approach a close friend who’s expressed that they’re losing their faith? Should you let them be, or is there anything you can say or do to help them out?

If a friend reaches out to you to describe a thought or a problem, then this is their way of asking you for help. It takes a lot of courage for a person to expose their inner feelings so, as a friend, it is imperative that you act in the best interest of your friend.

Begin by helping your friend identify the trigger point that has caused their loss–perhaps there is an unresolved question, a precipitating pattern of thoughts or even a series of tragic events that need to be explained by a qualified Imam. Second, there may be the influence of other peers, online personalities, family members or celebrities which often skew a person’s perception or ethical ideology of what is right or wrong. If so, work with your friend around how to choose appropriate role models in life, how to see long-term benefit rather than focusing on the short term on goings.

Finally, consider having a conversation with your friend about the deception of Iblees — the devil, and all his shenanigans designed to alter a person’s understanding of faith and its positive impact. In these cases it’s better to consult with an Imam or a teacher in the community who can provide dedicated support to your friend.

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