Gestures of care are an essential part of faith for Muslims. Among infinite examples, there are a few gestures of care that are most relevant in our modern age.

Everything in the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s[1] character was out of care for humanity. Take for instance the story of the lady who threw garbage out her window onto the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he passed by. Until one morning, she did not, and the concerned Prophet (PBUH) visited her. The woman feared the Prophet (PBUH) came to punish her, but instead the Prophet (PBUH), who found her sick and bedridden, cleaned her house, and ensured she had what she needed while recovering. This gesture of care from our Prophet (PBUH), despite the woman’s cruelty, changed the woman’s perspective, and she never threw garbage at him again. In today’s world, cancel culture is a norm. Cancel culture represents a lack of kindness and forgiveness because we do not allow people a chance to change, considering we all make mistakes! Think of a time in your life where you committed a gesture of care, despite someone’s harshness. Also, think about the last time you visited the sick!

A hand that helps should not be used to hide whispers; indulging in gossip and judgement is unfortunately common. How often do we speak ill about someone else? Backbiting in Islam is a punishable sin; consequently, Allah (SWT) tasks us with defending the honor of fellow Muslims. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Whoever defends their brother or sister in their absence, Allah (SWT) would remove the fire from their face on the Day of Judgement.”[2] Speaking up and defending someone is a gesture of care— backbiting is negatively impactful, yet consider the level of care in one’s heart to speak against it.

Lastly, a simple yet powerful gesture of care is making dua for someone. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “There is no believing servant who supplicates for his brother in his absence where the angels do not say, ‘the same be for you’.”[3] This Hadith is so powerful. The dua made from the sincerity of our heart for others is also made for us by angels. Dua is capable of impacting a person’s life beyond our help because as the Quran states, “Indeed Allah (SWT) is able to do all things” [65:12].

These few gestures do not highlight the capacity of care we as Muslims can achieve. Remember, Allah (SWT) rewards us for every good we do and multiplies it by ten. Think about your ability to positively impact someone through a gesture of care, however small. It could change a life, as Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) examples of care changed the lives of the Ummah forever.

[1] PBUH standsfor Peace Be Upon Him and is mentioned after the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) name as a sign of respect.

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