It’s finally that time of year, when Canada dives into a perpetual Ice Age  – well that’s how winter here feels like. But with the cold comes hot chocolate, warm waffles, and everything your sweet tooth may yearn for, and what better place to remedy your chocoholic ways than Caffe Demetre? Do you remember when you wished you could have chocolate cake for dinner as a kid but your mom said that no, you have to eat your roti first? Well, here at Demetre’s, dessert is the full course meal! You can choose through an infinite array of Belgium waffles, crepes, sundaes, milkshakes and a plethora of different, exquisitely flavored ice creams with your own toppings. Their menu has countless pop culture references, from naming ice cream after a designer (Dolce and Banana), to naming a smoothie after Kanye West (Kanye Zest) and cake after Harry Potter (Cherry Potter). You will surely be laughing by the time you read the entire menu, which will take you a while.  The café has a bunch of seats and tables and it’s a great place to bring your family and friends, but going alone is perfectly fine as well. The portions are pretty hefty, which is always a plus, and the embellishment and arrangement of the dessert is very nicely done, so you feel like you are in a 5 star hotel – and the best part is that it is almost always open until midnight, so if you are craving some cheesecake, you can beg your parents to take you to Demetre’s, because they are probably craving cheesecake themselves. The price range isn’t too bad and it’s honestly worth every nickel because everything tastes so good. Well, I rest my case now, but to sum it all up: go to Demetre’s – you won’t regret it!


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