Update: The Clear Quran now has an app! Check it out at quran.com/apps

I was recently handed a copy of The Clear Quran, a translation of the Quran done by Mustafa Khattab. He’s a graduate of Cairo’s Al Azhar University and the Imam at Anatolia mosque in Mississauga, Ontario. Quite ironically, it was that same day that my friend had been raving  about an awesome translation that she bought from a local store and was using in her Quran Tafseer class.

As I flipped through the pages, the first thing that jumped out at me was that each ayah had a heading. For example, the first ayah of Surah Nisa is titled “Commitment to God and Kinship Ties”, the second ayah labelled as “Orphans Given Back Th
eir Wealth”
, etc. This caught my attention and it was enough to make me take a closer look and read more!

I usually read the Quran on my phone or on quran.com on my laptop but whe
n I compared the quality of the translations to those in The Clear Quran, I couldn’t believe how much easier and simpler it was to read and understand! Once you started reading, you didn’t want to put it down. There was just so much clarity.

Another added benefit of this work is that each Surah has a heading paragraph which explains the setting and context of it. There are also footnotes that explain whether a Surah is Makkan or Madinian. The most recent edition of The Clear Quran includes a thematic index to make it easy for readers to find the themes.

I would advise that everyone should buy a copy of The Clear Quran. It’s a must-have for every household!

The translation is available in Canada through www.SirajPublications.com and the kindle edition is found through www.amazon.ca/dp/B01MUKKHHI. You can find more details and information at http://mustafakhattab.org